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You always move with your camper van and you want to park easily. We have identified  for you, two parking places as close as possible to the event and to all services. 

Stationner à la montagne

Stationner à la montagne

La commune de Saint François Longchamp vous accueil sur les parkings de la commune.

Stationnement Camping Car

Stationnement Camping Car

Stationner sur la commune de la La Chambre

Ancre 1

Park in Saint François Longchamp ...


The municipality of Saint François Longchamp does not have parking for motorhomes but tolerates parking in the various car parks. The proposed parking lots are located near the  Balneotherapy center. Shops, services and toilets are easily accessible from the proposed locations. 

Ancre 2

Parking at La Chambre ...

The commune of La Chambre has a parking area and service for camper vans in the immediate vicinity of the departure point. It has a blue water terminal, tokens to be taken from various shops in the town, information written on the terminal. Located on the Place du Champ de Foire in La Chambre, you can get the tokens at the Coopérative Laitière, the Alternative, the Tabac "La Lauzière" and the Auberge du Boulodrome for 2 €. Also 9 free motorhome pitches for 72 hours.

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