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Galibier jersey 2642

This Galibier 2642 jersey is made in the Czech Republic by the Kalas brand.


The history of the manufacture of cycling clothing in Tábor dates back to 1991, the year when Mr. Čestmír Kalaš met Mr. Toni Maier (the founder of the ASSOS company) and together they agreed to cooperate. At that time, the ASSOS company was looking in the Czech Republic for a manufacturer capable of assembling and sewing cycling clothing. That same year, the first jerseys with the ASSOS logo were born in Tábor.

The collaboration between Čestmír Kalaš and Toni Maier lasted five years, until the independent company KALAS Sportswear, s.r.o. was founded in 1995.

On the market for 30 years, Kalas is today one of the leading manufacturers of cycling clothing in Central and Northern Europe. They used to create 5,000 unique designs every year and manufacture over 400,000 bespoke cycling products. But it is not the figures that motivate and make you want to continue the work. It's the passion and pride they feel every time athletes dressed in Kalas perform well.

To support to the maximumum the exploits of athletes, they develop and test their products with professional runners, they create innovative materials and working methods that keep Kalas brand products among the best on the market.


With a classic cut, it is made from a very pleasant material which meets the highest demands.


Weft knitted polyester material, developed for highly functional use when pedaling. Double-layer structure, made of ultra-light fabrics, with a special microfiber inner layer that effectively wicks away sweat to the upper layer. At the same time, the Spinn material is very breathable and allows for a very comfortable fit.


• Spinn material, highly functional.
• Longer sleeves with bonded hem to reduce drag.
• Anatomically shaped elastic insert under the sleeves.
• Three-compartment pocket on the back.
• Long concealed zipper.



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