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The Galibier Challenge can only exist with the commitment of volunteers, volunteers to give of their time, thus ensuring the success of this beautiful celebration.

Your availability, your kindness, your helpfulness will be decisive for the success of the Cyclosportive du Galibier Challenge.

By its very nature, voluntary work is done without pay. On the other hand, in return for the dedication of all the volunteers who will give of their time and their goodwill, the organization will provide gifts and meals during the period of work as a volunteer.

Your participation in the event can be done by occupying one of the following positions:

  • Welcoming participants

  • Presence at a refreshment station

  • Installation of the starting area

  • Installation of the finish area

  • Bike park management

  • Signalman

  • Meal service

  • Deflection of the course

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